Renault ZOE Electric Car NowAvailable In Norway

The French-designed Renault ZOE electric car is already available for purchase in one of the strongest electric vehicle markets worldwide, Norway.

The rather inconspicuous-looking little vehicle was given something of your grand welcome on March 25th in the Olympic stadium in Oslo. The event was even attended by the French ambassador and Norway’s environment minister.

With the launch, 15 of the ZOEs were readily available for test-drives on the athletics tracks, and a number of workshops were put together to be able to showcase the features of Renault’s new (to Norway) electric car. Particularly, a how-to on the “Chameleon” charging system was included. Reportedly, people were waiting in long queues for the chance to give the ZOE a go, and more than 100 test drives were given out during the day.


Important Life Lessons to Teach Every Teen

We may spend a lot of time teaching our teens about dangers out there, such as underage drinking and drugs, but there are other life lessons that we may be forgetting to teach them that can be just as valuable. While these may not be dangers, they are lessons that can have a deep impact on their lives. Here are three of those lessons.

1. Money

money isolated on white background

There are a lot of teens out there who may not have the greatest understanding about money, especially when it comes to saving. It can be hard for a teen to balance a job and extra-curricular activities when it comes to later college planning, but even if they work a few hours a week, it can be an important lesson. To give your teen something to work for, consider buying them a used car from used cars cerritos, but make it clear that they are financially responsible for expenses and upkeep, such as insurance, gas and maintenance. Find a full line of used cars that will meet any teens expectations at McPeek Dodge.

2. The Community

Make sure that your teen knows to give back to the community and give to others. Help them find a non-profit that they are passionate about and encourage them to donate a few hours of their time or some of their money every month so that they understand what it is like to help a cause.

3. Nutrition


The last thing that you want is for your teen to go off on their own and eat nothing but ramen because that is all they can cook. Teach your teen to cook for themselves, how to have a balanced diet and what foods are healthy and which ones are not so that they know how to stay healthy when they are on their own.

What Surpirses Does Merceded Prepare For The DTM Season Opener

Motorsports / DTM: german touring cars championship 2011, 10 Rennen HockenheimA trio of prominent guests result from attend the DTM season opener about the weekend of May 3rd/4th at the Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg. Football legend and Laureus Ambassador Franz Beckenbauer will be joining Germany’s top contenders for your Formula 1 title, namely current championship leader Nico Rosberg and fourth-placed Nico Hülkenberg.

Sahara Force India Mercedes driver Nico Hülkenberg has been booked in for Saturday when qualifying takes place in the world’s most popular touring car series. Fans at the circuit will have two opportunities to see Hülkenberg close up during his visit: he will be signing autographs and talking about his Formula 1 season thus far first at Mercedes-Benz Erlebniswelt (situated behind the Mercedes grandstand) and later on at a ‘Meet the Drivers’ session while watching Mercedes-Benz hospitality suite.

On Sunday, it will probably be MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS driver Nico Rosberg’s turn to entertain the fans in a joint appearance with Franz Beckenbauer at the Mercedes-Benz Erlebniswelt complex. By signing autographs, they will both be giving interviews about the stage behind the Mercedes grandstand and definately will then follow up. Immediately afterwards, Rosberg will probably be putting in several demo laps at the wheel of the original Formula 1 Silver Arrow, namely the W 196 in which Argentina’s Juan Manuel Fangio won the 1954 and 1955 Formula 1 world championships. Nico Rosberg has an earlier appointment on Sunday 4th May at 9: 30am within the Baden-Württemberg Center when he will probably be answering questions from the press.

Timetable for that DTM season opener at Hockenheim:

Saturday 3rd May




14: 30

‘Meet the Drivers’ autograph session with Nico Hülkenberg and also the entire Mercedes-Benz DTM squad In front of the Mercedes-Benz hospitality suite

15: 00 Press conference with Nico Hülkenberg Mercedes-Benz hospitality suite

16: 00 Interview with Nico Hülkenberg Stage of Mercedes-Benz Erlebniswelt

Sunday 4th May

Time Event Venue

09: 30 – 10: 00 Press conference with Nico Rosberg Baden-Württemberg Center, 4th floor

10: 55 – 11: 15 Interview and autograph signing with Franz Beckenbauer and Nico Rosberg Stage of Mercedes-Benz Erlebniswelt

11: 55 – 12: 00 Nico Rosberg in demo drive of 1954 W196 Silver Arrow

Nico Rosberg: “I’ll be fascinated to see what occurs in the DTM season opener at Hockenheim. New rules, revised specifications and no fewer than seven champions on the grid should alllow for an exciting season. Obviously, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for my fellow Mercedes-Benz drivers as they launch into the new campaign. Whenever time permits between the Formula 1 races, I keep myself updated on what’s going on from the DTM – it’s series I know well from when my dad was a competitor. I’m really looking forward to seeing the crowds of fans at Hockenheim and especially thrilled about the prospect of driving the original Formula 1 Silver Arrow that Juan Manuel Fangio used to race in. It’s always a very special feeling to drive among the legendary Silver Arrows.”

2015 Fiat Ducato and French Siblings Come Out With Awesome Treat


The Ram ProMaster only introduced itself to US buyers – prognathous jaw first – last year, nevertheless it might quickly be the recipient of some plastic cosmetic surgery. Above may be the new face of the 2015 Fiat Ducato, which does duty as our ProMaster, the Citroën Jumper along with the Peugeot Boxer and will be officially unveiled on May 12. The distance and weight of the jutting chin is greatly reduced by curving lines that more artfully integrate the new three-piece bumper with the sheetmetal, even though its face still slopes forward all the way to the base. That bumper can be had in two colors, and the front end also gets new, sleeker headlights with LED DRLs.

Trims are named Classic, Lounge and Tecno, and all of benefit from ESP, a new underride guard as well as an upgraded cockpit with touches like better Bluetooth, a and seats clipboard that can be affixed towards the dash and it is robust enough to hold smartphones and tablets. High-zoot options – which may give the ProMaster better combat the Mercedes Sprinter should they carry up to our market – include lane departure assist.

The Ducato will come with choices of three roof heights, four lengths and eight capacity ratings. You’ll find info on that and even more in the press announcements from Fiat and Peugeot below, and we’ll find out more about exactly how the ProMaster may benefit in a few weeks.

What Your Car Says About Your Style

The car you drive says more about your personal image and style than you might immediately realize. Apart from obvious hints about the driver’s income bracket, a car can allude to its owners’ great fashion sense, rugged athleticism, or artistic panache. What does your car says about your individual style? Keep reading to find out.



You’re a man or woman about town, and everyone knows it. Your cosmopolitan style shows in your elegant wardrobe, your chic china pattern, and the way you carry yourself with an air of confidence and refinement. Why wouldn’t your sophisticated tastes shine through in your choice of car, too? You enjoy the finer things in life, like perfectly pulled espresso and well-made European driving machines. You’re probably sitting pretty in a spiffy British Mini Cooper or a glamorous Mercedes-Benz. Those wheels are almost as smooth as you are. Almost.



Nothing makes you happier than being in the great outdoors. Whether you’re hiking a mountain trail, rafting whitewater rapids, or casting your fishing line into a serene lake, you’re at your best when you are surrounded by Mother Nature’s beauty. City life gets you down, so you need a tough vehicle that can haul you and all your camping gear away from it all. Your Land Rover gets you around town comfortably enough, but you bought it for its off-road capability. Your second car is a Ford F-150. It’s always packed and ready to go with your canoe, your tackle box, and your favorite poles, for those quiet mornings on the river. What a catch.



Fashion is your greatest passion. You live to watch the runway models strut the latest designs during Paris Fashion Week. Your coffee table is covered with artfully arranged issues of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. And you almost definitely drive a special edition designer car, like the Fiat 500 by Gucci from fiat dealer Los Angeles. You couldn’t stop thinking about its adorable, bubbly silhouette after seeing it at OC Fiat, and who could blame you? Your car is a timeless classic, just like you.



You’re passionate, creative, and a little quirky. There’s no one else quite like you. Inspiration always seems to find you, and you always find a new and innovative way to put it to use. You are an artist through and through. Life doesn’t draw inside the lines, and neither do you. Your car shouldn’t either. You prefer vehicles that feature bold design and unique touches. Your “Techo Pink” Chevy Spark carries all of your canvasses to and from art school with ease, and stands out nearly as much as your one of a kind thrift store outfit. But you’ve considered upgrading to a shiny new Nissan Cube, so you and your band mates can carpool to practice together. After all, your band is on the cutting edge and needs an unconventional ride to match. It takes a lot of personality to drive your car. Good thing you have plenty to spare.

What To Expect With The 2015 Chevrolet SS


We’re big fans from the Chevrolet SS here at Autoblog, west coast editor Michael Harley recently saying the Aussie import “”comes across as being a polished, and very well-rounded, sport sedan package that is more focused on performance than the others.”” Those others, needless to say, being competitors like the larger Dodge Charger SRT8 or even the Chevy’s more luxurious cousin, the Cadillac CTS Vsport. Now, if reports swirling ’round the web are true, the SS will be getting another performance-focused addition for that 2015 model year, and it’s one we’re seriously stoked about: the addition of a suitable manual transmission.

This information comes courtesy of Motor Trend editor Jonny Lieberman, who broke the news on Twitter. As well as the do-it-yourself gearbox, the 2015 SS will even reportedly use General Motors’ excellent Magnetic Ride suspension – what’s used on the Corvette, among other cars. That setup, combined with a suitable row-your-own transmission, should lead to one absolutely lovely SS. Consider us stoked.

According to Lieberman’s tweet, the updated SS will make its debut on the annual Woodward Dream Cruise just beyond Detroit., when reached for comment, GM spokesperson Afaf Farah told Autoblog, “”We have now not made any new announcements regarding the Chevrolet SS.

Quick Look To The 5 New York And Beijing Concepts That Really Amazed Us


Such a week. The New York Auto Show opened with a landslide of unveilings, and its Chinese counterpart the Beijing Auto Show brought an onslaught of its own.

There was plenty of fine metal on display, and you may find our exhaustive coverage at our New York and Beijing tag pages.

Well, we’ve whittled their list down to just five machines that impressed us most, as for the best of the best. Continue reading.

Volkswagen’s Golf R 400

A tastefully re-styled powerhouse with production potential.

A tastefully re-styled powerhouse with production potential.

Volkswagen’s Golf R 400 tore into Beijing the other day, sliding to the parking space between the never-happened and never-could GTI W12-650R and also the regular ol’ Golf R hot hatch.

Adding tasteful styling enhancements, fatter guards and a 295kW turbo engine, the R 400 – with a 3.9 second sprint to 100km/h – ought to eat Merc’s A 45 AMG hatch alive.

If they assemble it, that is. Because whilst the A 45 is already out there collecting phone numbers, the R 400 is strictly a concept. For now, that is, and reports suggest it’s on the way.

BMW Vision Future Luxury

New 7 Series? 9 Series? That knows, but it’s swish…

New 7 Series? 9 Series? Who knows, but it’s swish…

BMW presented the latest installment in its Vision concept series last week, unveiling the big Future Luxury concept in Beijing.

Loaded with luxury features and advanced technologies, the Future Luxury is likely a preview of what we could expect through the next 7 Series – and possibly a new 9 Series range, if reports prove true.

Land Rover Discovery Vision

A vision of items to come, but is it too sleek to get a Land Rover?

Is it too sleek to get a Land Rover, although a vision of things to come?

Land Rover has been frightening the faithful with talk of a modernised Defender, moving away from the old warhorse which includes carried the conventional for decades.

Now, a sleek new Discovery concept has additionally been revealed, offering an insight into the sleek change that will soon replace the brand’s legendary boxy styling.

Are buyers ready for any curvaceous new Land Rover line? We reckon yes.

Peugeot Exalt

A low-slung shark-skinned concept that may do well for Peugeot.

It’s the car that Peugeot needs, this Exalt concept.

Low and wide with a powerful face and muscular lines, Peugeot’s Beijing Auto Show unveiling is the strongest preview yet for the future that last year’s Onyx concept first promised.

And, with a 253kW petrol-electric hybrid powertrain packed beneath the ‘shark-textured’ skin, the Exalt wouldn’t be the least bit out of place in today’s market.

Being an impressive new flagship concept for the French carmaker, this should be a done deal.

Peugeot 2008 DKR Racer

A Dakar racer that we’d love to see inspire a performance 2008 crossover.

A Dakar racer that we’d love to see inspire a performance 2008 crossover.

Not strictly a concept, but Peugeot’s competition-only 2008 DKR Dakar racer is one we’d like to see influence the company’s production line-up.

But how? Well, as neat as it could be to see this Peugeot-badged ruffian hurtling over dunes by the pool, a roadgoing version can be just the ticket.

The current market also presents the perfect climate for this kind of offering, with performance-tuned SUVs cropping up just about everywhere. Could view a powered-up 2008 GTi? That’d be something…

Exploring Your Options


When it comes to buying a car today, there are more options than were imaginable a few decades ago. Not just do you pick a color and decide if you want something new or used, you have countless brands, sellers, and as many customization options as there are stars in the sky. You can truly pick a car you love and make it your very own. With so much to choose from, where should you start?


Begin your quest for a new car with some simple, old fashioned internet searches. If you already have an idea of the type of car you want, you might be able to skip this step. But reading online about different types of cars that are available can help anyone narrow down their options. Be sure to take into consideration the needs of your family. You will want to think about who will be primarily driving the car, where the car will be going, and any special needs it might need to fit. Will you be driving it long distances? If so, gas mileage might be the most important factor to you. Are you concerned about the environment? Then you’ll probably want to consider a hybrid.

When buying a car, you also have a lot of options today of where to buy it. In most American cities, car dealerships line the major highways. There are rent to own places, used car lots, and large affiliated dealerships. While you might find a car that works perfectly for you almost anywhere, the safest best are always the big dealerships. If you’re looking for ram riverside, you might try OC Auto. Here, you’ll know that any car you find, used or new, is in as good of condition as it could possibly be in.

BMW Paves Way To The Ease Of Parking Crunch in San Francisco


San Francisco will act as BMW’s initial U.S. marketplace for its ParkNow Mobile Parking Service and breakthrough DriveNow program. San Francisco Mayor Ed BMW and Lee Group Member of the Board, Dr. Ian Roberts, made the announcementabout both services together on Aug. 20. The town is the first in the Usa to feature the unique BMW programs.

The ParkNow system, which will be available to BMW drivers starting in September, is definitely an online mobile parking service that allows users to pay for parking in advance. This offers the driver guaranteed access to a spot and clearly defined rates based on their personal preferences. Customers can search for parking in San Francisco through the use of ParkNow’s mobile app or website to reserve, pay, then receive navigation instructions, leading drivers straight to the parking facility. This ought to reduce traffic by keeping cars that would normally be driving around in search of parking off of congested city streets, and it should also reduce emissions for the same reason.

Initially, there will be 14 Park Now locations in and around San Francisco during its initial pilot phase. Stations are located around the city near to Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), San Francisco Municipal Railway (MUNI), and various bike-sharing stations. Other locations include the San Francisco International Airport, Oakland Airport Terminal, and Palo Alto. ParkNow partner operators ProPark America, Towne Park, ABM Parking, and California Parking will launch greater than 100 additional ParkNow locations in the coming weeks.

Another endeavor, the DriveNow program, which was launched in June, is a flexible, premium car-sharing program that offers drivers a chance to drive BWM’s first all-electric vehicle, zero-emissions, ActiveE model. The program currently offers a fleet of 70 ActiveE vehicles which are located at eight DriveNow stations in San Palo and Francisco Alto, with another in the works at the San Francisco Airport Terminal. DriveNow stations in San Francisco may also be conveniently located near BART, MUNI, and bike sharing locations. After registering for the program online or in person, customers can locate and book an available car using the DriveNow website or mobile app. Once the car has been rented, it can be returned to any DriveNow station. This provides drivers the benefit of a one-way trip, if needed.

Additionally, thanks to a partnership with California-based Coulomb Technologies’ ChargePoint network, the greatest network of independently-owned electric vehicle charging stations, DriveNow renters can easily locate a nearby charging station if they need to add a bit more juice on the car throughout their travels.

San Francisco was chosen since the launch point for both systems due to the city’s ongoing implementation and development of innovative strategies to urban challenges regarding traffic congestion, and the need for smarter, greener parking systems. The city estimates that there are approximately 505,000 vehicles in San Francisco, only 448,000 parking spaces available at any moment. On weekends, the total vehicle population is estimated to improve by one more 35,000 vehicles. Approximately one-third of most downtown traffic on weekdays is due to vehicles searching for a parking spot. Hopefully, the new initiatives will reduce some of that congestion to ensure everyone can drive – and ride – happier.