Alfa MiTo Gets Into MultiAir


FIAT has confirmed its ground-breaking new MultiAir electro-hydraulic valve control technology will debut on Alfa Romeo’s all-new MiTo in Europe from September, before becoming available in Australia during the early 2010.

The Fiat Punto-based MiTo three-door, Alfa’s smallest model ever since the classic Alfasud of the 1970s, will be officially launched here on July 7, when two turbocharged 1.4-litre four-cylinder petrol engine variants will be available.

Manual-only 88kW/114kW and 206Nm/230Nm variants will both be priced below the three-door 147 2.-litre hatch ($37,990) they will effectively replace.

As previously reported, Australian Alfa importer Ateco Automotive also offers Australian Design Rule certification for 66kW 1.3 and 88kW 1.6-litre JTD turbo-diesel versions of the MiTo, which may also go on sale here at a later date.

From the launch the following month, both 1.4 turbo-petrol MiTos should come standard by using a Q2 electronic differential, electronic stability ABS and control, seven airbags together with a driver’s knee airbag, air-conditioning, power windows/mirrors, remote central locking and 16×7.-inch alloy wheels.

Apart from a quicker (eight versus 8.8-second) -100km/h claim, the top-shelf MiTo will include extra equipment including front foglights, while options across the range will incorporate gas discharge headlights, daytime running lights and 17 and 18-inch alloy wheels.

Alfa Romeo2009 MiTo center imageFrom top: Fiat’s MultiAir valve train, Alfa MiTo, Alfa MiTo GTA concept.

Of the two new MultiAir engines announced this week by Fiat, Australians are likely to the coming year see only the top-shelf 155hp (115kW) version, which in Europe will be exclusively badged as the MiTo “Quadrifoglio Verde” (green four-leaved clover).

As part of MultiAir’s first application, Europe’s MiTo will also receive two further naturally-aspirated and turbocharged 1.4-litre ‘Fire’ engines, producing 78kW and 100kW and mated to six and five-speed manual transmissions respectively. A twin-clutch automated manual is likewise mated with MultiAir engines next year.

In the other end from the spectrum will be an eventual MiTo range-topper, as previewed by the MiTo GTA Concept and complete with Fiat’s new direct-injection 1.7-litre turbo four offering up to 180kW to challenge Mini’s Cooper S.

First revealed earlier this year, Fiat says its revolutionary MultiAir Electronic Valve Control technology will be as big an automotive development as fuel-injection was in the 1970s and common-rail diesel injection is in the ‘90s, but does apply to any kind of internal combustion engine.

Indeed, MultiAir diesel engines will also be being developed and Fiat says its Start&Stop idle-stop system will debut inside the MiTo with MultiAir engines.

The next application will be the new 900cc twin-cylinder SGE (Small Gasoline Engine) MultiAir engine announced in February, that will debut on a new model that Fiat says are often more efficient than the usual hybrid for a fraction of the charge.

A dual-fuel petrol/natural gas (CNG) version in the turbocharged version is promised to return standard-setting CO2 emissions of less than 80g/km, before MultiAir technology is integrated with direct-injection and spread across various-displacement engines for models right across the Chrysler and Fiat groups.

Fiat states that compared to a traditional petrol engine with the same displacement, MultiAir engines increase power by approximately 10 per cent and torque by around 15 per cent, while reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 10 per cent, as well as particulates and NOx by up to 40 and 60 percent respectively.

A downsized turbocharged MultiAir engine is said to produce the same performance as a naturally-aspirated engine while reducing fuel consumption by 25 per cent.

It does so, says Fiat, by employing an electrical-oriented camshaft, early intake valve closing strategies to maximise the atmosphere mass trapped in the cylinders, reduced pumping losses, optimised valve control strategies during warm-up and internal exhaust gas recirculation (by reopening the intake valves in the exhaust stroke), and constant upstream air pressure.

The very first MultiAir 1.4s will likely be produced by Fiat Powertrain Technologies at Termoli in Italy.

Sweet Sixteen Gifts for your Daughter

Dear parents, I know that your beloved daughter is about to turn sixteen and that you probably haven’t slept well for as long as you can remember. Sixteen is such an age! Young minds are curious and easily influenced and the social media today is something that had no effect on our teenaged years. It’s an entirely different social landscape out there nowadays, but there are also aspects of your influence on her that have been constant throughout the generations. I firmly believe that if you do a good job parenting, you do a good job giving your kids the tools to make the right decisions when the time comes. The decisions might be different now, but the tools are the same. Instill good judgment and a firm grasp on the what is right and what is wrong and do your best to sleep well. As she turns sixteen, it’s a time to celebrate what she’s become, not fear what lies ahead. Here are some gift ideas that will melt her heart and make you feel good.


A Nissan Leaf

She’s going to get her license, she’s going to drive, so you might as well get her something that represents the values you’ve tried to instill on her. The Leaf is a beautiful, all electric car that is an immediate money saver. She can plug it in at school or at the house and never have to worry about paying for gas. My guess is that you’d be the ones paying for the gas, so consider this a gift to yourselves in part. For her, it will be a sleek, hyper safe, and inspired car that will be the talk of the school, and for you, it will be an invitation to sleep well knowing that she’s safe. And because it’s electric, she won’t be able to go too far! I’m just kidding about that part. She will be so grateful though, and really, isn’t this what it’s really all about?


If you’re interested on going down this clean energy road for her, go online to either Nissan Cerritos or Downtown Nissan and get her the car of your dreams.

A Trip

Nothing offers culture and experience than just getting out of dodge. Sending your sweet sixteen on an adventure will offer her a life experience she’ll never forget and its value will be everlasting. It doesn’t have to be across the world either. I spend one summer during high school volunteering on the Navajo reservation in Arizona. I lived with a family and helped them build, tend to the animals and most importantly, learned about their culture. I was taken to ancient caves and taught ancient chants. I spent hours talking with my host family about the history of the land and what it represents to them. Another summer, I went to Europe. I was a bit older and did it with my own money that I earned working at the neighborhood coffee shop, but the point is the same. The experience has stayed with my entire life. If you give that experience to her, it will help her grow and come into her own in ways that you couldn’t possibly see now, but will be thankful for after.


Things You Need To Know About The Land Rover / Range Rover Sport / TDV6 5-dr wagon


THE new, second-generation Range Rover Sport draws closer to BMW’s X5 and Porsche’s Cayenne thanks to its reduced weight, improved economy and its ever-present off-road cred.

Because the same could not quite be said for your previous, Land Rover Discovery-based one, which failed to meet the hype with its unwanted weight and relative lack of sportiness as promised by the badge, which is great.

When the supercharged 5.-litre V8 was under its square-framed bonnet, while the nod to off-road ability meant its on-road gearing was all wrong, and its 2. tonne-plus heft became a bit of a handful on twisty sections of road, really, the old Sport only lived up to its name within a straight line, and then only.

But now the steel-clad giant of the city-smart off-road set is fettled out of aluminium, shedding plenty of weight during this process.

It also now sports an eight-speed automatic transmission, and may rightly promise to offer a few of the dynamism afforded by its evocative name.

And of course, it might still shred off-road trails with the very best of them…

BMW Is Up With Its 2015 M3 & M4


Ah yes it can be time which we get a helping of motorsport mayhem from my brotherly Bavarian bolt turners. It seems that with emissions standards and the general need to give less money to oil companies, BMW has begun hack sawing cylinders off various M badges having vehicles and replacing the place with some twin-scroll turbochargers. With all the common goal to raise efficiency, performance whilst lowering emissions has left BMW making some impressive improvements but still people bitch.

2015 BMW M4

BMW have a bunch of cry babies anytime this makes changes. Like Porsche you can find people that call themselves purists (Arians) that believe their leader will produce only what is deemed the optimal types of vehicles whilst weeding out your rest using genocidal methods. Well so BMW caught flack for placing the V10 from the M5/M6 along with the V8 from the M3. What’s interesting would be that the M3s quickly departed showrooms once the word about the return of the 6-cylinder came to light. Now BMW is catching flak from people since they are angry the M vehicles are losing two cylinders and that the M3 is now the M4! !! How dare they replace the 3 with a 4! People are actually upset because of a fucking number change and these are the same douche bags that drive like shit and give the good BMW owners an unsatisfactory image yes.

2015 BMW M3

By showing a few stats, well apparently BMW has shut up most of the sane ones. 25% efficiency gain on the V8 is first off which ought to get you 25-26 mpg on the highway. Sure you could do that if you replace it with a four banger but they didn’t. They reduce 173lbs of chubby girlfriend weight from the previous model and thanks on the turbocharged 6-cylinder there is now even more torque compared to the previous V8. So there is a vehicle that should produce better overall lap times thanks to some tweaks, some Jimmy Craig weight-loss and performance gains and with an enormous boost in efficiency you will even be giving less to the government in environmental taxes.

2015 BMW M3 & M4 Interior

The lineage of M3 and now M4 has always held a particular place in my motor revving heart although most of the drivers have not. But with superior engineering we can have our drift cake and eat it too. As we saw on Top Gear the new V8 M5 smoked the prior generation 500hp V10 M5 in a drag race as well as the new M3 and M4 should be able to do the same as BMW stated a 3.9 sec -60 meaning that you can relax knowing that your M3&M4 will still be world class along with a hell of a lot of fun to operate a vehicle.

Affordable, Fuel Efficient Hatch Backs – What More Do You Want

Nothing can quite match the versatility of the hatch back and, for drivers on a budget they really do provide the whole package. You may be surprised to know that some of the best, most fuel efficient motors available today come in with a price tag of less than $25,000.


Let’s recap – affordable price tag + great fuel economy = great idea.
Here’s a list of just a few of the best hatch backs around – great on price and great on fuel economy too.

Chevrolet Sonic LT – this hybrid motor is remarkably cheap to buy and to run providing drivers with an estimated combined 33 mpg yet with prices starting at less than $18,000. Can you believe it? Well, believe it because it’s true.

Toyota Yaris – this super little hatch back also averages at a combined 33 mpg yet remarkably is available for less than $15,000. Admit it, when I said a price tag of less than $25,000 you were expecting stuff like $24,999 weren’t you. Well, this is $10,000 less than $25,000.


Fiat 500 – gets you an extra mile down the road per gallon at 34 mpg, a very compact car with a compact price tag to match. The prices for these little beauties start at just a snippet over $16,000. Did I mention that they’re great fun to drive too? No – well now I have, they’re great fun!

Ford Fiesta SE – now we’re talking. For a price of a smidge (which is less than a snippet) over $17,000 this fabulous hatch back can provide fuel economy of 37 mpg. Check out the details at San Bernardino Ford if you don’t believe me. Go on, Fairview Ford will probably be able to help you too.

Chevrolet Spark – I used to have a tortoise named “Spark” but that’s a different story, this hatch back is certainly no tortoise but it does have fabulous fuel efficiency for an affordable price – 34 mpg combined for a price of just a tad over $12,000. This city car can save you plenty of dollars over a year.

Scion iQ – it’s small, it’s funky and it’s certainly different. The Scion iQ is also one of the best hatch back cars for fuel efficiency with a smaller than average price tag. Fuel efficiency is recorded at 37 mpg combined with a price tag of around $16,000. If you’ve never heard of it you’re not alone but watch out for plenty of these to be hitting the city streets soon. Coming to a block near you . . .

Mitsubishi Mirage – it’s getting better, this versatile hatch back car has a fuel efficiency rating of 40 mpg combined for a price starting at less than $13,000. Think about it, where else are you going to find something like that?


Toyota Prius – this one is definitely getting towards the upper end of the budget but it’s still less than $25,000 – prices start at around $24,000 but this super hybrid hatch back can offer immense fuel efficiency of up to 50 mpg combined.

These days we all have to do our bit to save the environment as well as to try and stretch our dollars that little bit further. No wonder the motor industry has awoken to the fact that we aren’t all interested in gigantic gas guzzlers any more – we want fuel efficiency, affordability and versatility, and when it comes to those very things these hatch backs have it all.

Americans have been a little slower to fall in love with the hatch back than their European cousins but I’ve got the feeling that’s all about to change.

If You’re A Gearhead, You Should Help In Saving The #004 Viper GTS

Dear fellow GearHeads, it seems like the Italian bean counters are taking over Chrysler and so getting rid of all possible liabilities. According to the VIN# and a pre-production model that had been never registered by the manufacturer for street use this 1992 Viper GTS is supposedly number 4. Donated south Puget Sound Community college for seven years this beauty has assisted in teaching old and young minds the strength of automotive design and love and from now on it is only a staple from the College’s automotive program and so they have now received a letter for its total destruction in two weeks time unless it could get some kind of special pardon from the state’s governor or even higher up on the political food chain. So, please spend just a minute to help sign the petition to save this true work of Americana. Here is the backlink to the online petition <-


Thanks to the author Stormy Hudson Renstrom for posting this. Now lets see if we can save it!

Let us know your comments on the matter below. We want to hear from you.

More Affordable Electric Car Will Be Assembled By Rivals


Electric vehicles (EVs) are really shaking up the automotive industry, and not just because of their zero-emission propulsion. These cars can also be setting new trends in the industry of automobile manufacturing: a fresh EV is just as likely to are derived from a small startup as it is from an established multinational conglomerate. One EV, the Visio.M is even being developed by two rival car companies. The result could be a cheaper, better EV.

BMW and Daimler (parent company of Mercedes-Benz) are just like the German equivalent of Ford and Chevy. Their cars can be a bit fancier than an F-150 or Silverado, nevertheless the two German companies compete just as fiercely, matching the other person model-for-model while trying to gain dominance from the luxury car market.

Given that rivalry, seems unlikely that BMW and Daimler would collaborate with an EV, since working alone could give each company a competitive advantage. In reality, both companies have been working on their own EV projects. BMW recently launched a number of MiniE and ActiveE test cars to get real-world data on electric powertrain usage. Daimler is currently leasing electric Smart Fortwos to customers.

Writing a Great Ad to Sell Your Car

When it comes to selling used cars in Ontario (or anywhere else for that matter) there are two basic choices:
1 – You decide to sell the car yourself and proceed to write a killer car ad (or not)
2 – You trade in your used car for a different motor at a reputable dealer – somewhere like Metro Nissan Redlands.


Whilst many people take what may be regarded as the easier route (organizing a deal with a motor dealer) some people prefer to try and sell their car privately for a number of different reasons.
The interest, price and success of your marketing campaign really depend upon the quality of your advertisement when it comes to selling a car. It doesn’t matter whether you are writing an advertisement to stick in the grocery store window, the local newspaper or on one of the “for sale” or auction sites on the internet – the better quality of the advertisement you write the greater the chance of not only selling your motor but of selling it for the best price.
Here are a few top tips to make sure that your car advertisement says everything it needs to say without saying some things which are really not relevant at all and just a waste of valuable words.
Some online advertisements are restricted to a limited number of words or characters which means that you need to get as much relevant information across as possible in as few words as you can. If there is the scope to add photographs then do so – a picture paints a thousand words remember.


Take as many photographs of your car as you are permitted to do so – make sure that the pictures are of good quality and clearly show whatever you are trying to emphasize about your motor. If there is some minor damage on your car then show a clear photograph of it whether it is inside or out. Honesty is the best policy so don’t say that your car is in pristine condition if there are bumps and scratches – this will only lead to people being disappointed when they view the motor and probably not result in a sale which is a waste of time for both the vendor and the prospective purchasers.
Your car advertisement must include a few essential facts:
• The year the car was first registered
• The mileage of the car – it’s best to be specific about this
• What service records are available with the car, if any at all
• The color of the car – in plain English
• The features or equipment which are included with the car
• The price of the car and whether there is any room for negotiation
• Contact details – don’t forget these. It is surprising how many people forget to include their contact details and then wonder why the phone doesn’t ring with people interested in their motor
Try to avoid using too many clichés, – “one lady owner” or “first to see the car will buy it” – these simply undermine the genuine information which you have included and can make it (and you) sound cheesy. Many people are simply put off advertisements which are packed with these old clichés.


It is important not to pin your hopes on the first buyer – a lot of people will look at and test drive multiple cars before making a decision so just because they don’t arrive with the cash and take it away there and then it does not necessarily mean that there won’t be a sale.

Mercedes Gets Through Its Ener-G-Force Fuel Cell SUV Concept

Mercedes is presenting a futuristic hydrogen fuel-cell-powered SUV concept in a challenge for automotive designers hosted by The La Auto Show, running from November 30 to December 9.

The German automaker imagined a spectacularly innovative SUV: the Mercedes Ener-G-Force provides a few hints as to the direction in which tomorrow’s off-roaders are headed — ever ‘greener’ and fully loaded.

Its power arises from a hydrogen fuel cell system that generates fuel from recycled water held in rooftop tanks and sends power to the motors located in the wheel hubs, for an operating range of about 800 km (about 500 miles).