Writing a Great Ad to Sell Your Car

When it comes to selling used cars in Ontario (or anywhere else for that matter) there are two basic choices:
1 – You decide to sell the car yourself and proceed to write a killer car ad (or not)
2 – You trade in your used car for a different motor at a reputable dealer – somewhere like Metro Nissan Redlands.


Whilst many people take what may be regarded as the easier route (organizing a deal with a motor dealer) some people prefer to try and sell their car privately for a number of different reasons.
The interest, price and success of your marketing campaign really depend upon the quality of your advertisement when it comes to selling a car. It doesn’t matter whether you are writing an advertisement to stick in the grocery store window, the local newspaper or on one of the “for sale” or auction sites on the internet – the better quality of the advertisement you write the greater the chance of not only selling your motor but of selling it for the best price.
Here are a few top tips to make sure that your car advertisement says everything it needs to say without saying some things which are really not relevant at all and just a waste of valuable words.
Some online advertisements are restricted to a limited number of words or characters which means that you need to get as much relevant information across as possible in as few words as you can. If there is the scope to add photographs then do so – a picture paints a thousand words remember.


Take as many photographs of your car as you are permitted to do so – make sure that the pictures are of good quality and clearly show whatever you are trying to emphasize about your motor. If there is some minor damage on your car then show a clear photograph of it whether it is inside or out. Honesty is the best policy so don’t say that your car is in pristine condition if there are bumps and scratches – this will only lead to people being disappointed when they view the motor and probably not result in a sale which is a waste of time for both the vendor and the prospective purchasers.
Your car advertisement must include a few essential facts:
• The year the car was first registered
• The mileage of the car – it’s best to be specific about this
• What service records are available with the car, if any at all
• The color of the car – in plain English
• The features or equipment which are included with the car
• The price of the car and whether there is any room for negotiation
• Contact details – don’t forget these. It is surprising how many people forget to include their contact details and then wonder why the phone doesn’t ring with people interested in their motor
Try to avoid using too many clichés, – “one lady owner” or “first to see the car will buy it” – these simply undermine the genuine information which you have included and can make it (and you) sound cheesy. Many people are simply put off advertisements which are packed with these old clichés.


It is important not to pin your hopes on the first buyer – a lot of people will look at and test drive multiple cars before making a decision so just because they don’t arrive with the cash and take it away there and then it does not necessarily mean that there won’t be a sale.