What Your Car Says About Your Style

The car you drive says more about your personal image and style than you might immediately realize. Apart from obvious hints about the driver’s income bracket, a car can allude to its owners’ great fashion sense, rugged athleticism, or artistic panache. What does your car says about your individual style? Keep reading to find out.



You’re a man or woman about town, and everyone knows it. Your cosmopolitan style shows in your elegant wardrobe, your chic china pattern, and the way you carry yourself with an air of confidence and refinement. Why wouldn’t your sophisticated tastes shine through in your choice of car, too? You enjoy the finer things in life, like perfectly pulled espresso and well-made European driving machines. You’re probably sitting pretty in a spiffy British Mini Cooper or a glamorous Mercedes-Benz. Those wheels are almost as smooth as you are. Almost.



Nothing makes you happier than being in the great outdoors. Whether you’re hiking a mountain trail, rafting whitewater rapids, or casting your fishing line into a serene lake, you’re at your best when you are surrounded by Mother Nature’s beauty. City life gets you down, so you need a tough vehicle that can haul you and all your camping gear away from it all. Your Land Rover gets you around town comfortably enough, but you bought it for its off-road capability. Your second car is a Ford F-150. It’s always packed and ready to go with your canoe, your tackle box, and your favorite poles, for those quiet mornings on the river. What a catch.



Fashion is your greatest passion. You live to watch the runway models strut the latest designs during Paris Fashion Week. Your coffee table is covered with artfully arranged issues of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. And you almost definitely drive a special edition designer car, like the Fiat 500 by Gucci from fiat dealer Los Angeles. You couldn’t stop thinking about its adorable, bubbly silhouette after seeing it at OC Fiat, and who could blame you? Your car is a timeless classic, just like you.



You’re passionate, creative, and a little quirky. There’s no one else quite like you. Inspiration always seems to find you, and you always find a new and innovative way to put it to use. You are an artist through and through. Life doesn’t draw inside the lines, and neither do you. Your car shouldn’t either. You prefer vehicles that feature bold design and unique touches. Your “Techo Pink” Chevy Spark carries all of your canvasses to and from art school with ease, and stands out nearly as much as your one of a kind thrift store outfit. But you’ve considered upgrading to a shiny new Nissan Cube, so you and your band mates can carpool to practice together. After all, your band is on the cutting edge and needs an unconventional ride to match. It takes a lot of personality to drive your car. Good thing you have plenty to spare.