More Affordable Electric Car Will Be Assembled By Rivals


Electric vehicles (EVs) are really shaking up the automotive industry, and not just because of their zero-emission propulsion. These cars can also be setting new trends in the industry of automobile manufacturing: a fresh EV is just as likely to are derived from a small startup as it is from an established multinational conglomerate. One EV, the Visio.M is even being developed by two rival car companies. The result could be a cheaper, better EV.

BMW and Daimler (parent company of Mercedes-Benz) are just like the German equivalent of Ford and Chevy. Their cars can be a bit fancier than an F-150 or Silverado, nevertheless the two German companies compete just as fiercely, matching the other person model-for-model while trying to gain dominance from the luxury car market.

Given that rivalry, seems unlikely that BMW and Daimler would collaborate with an EV, since working alone could give each company a competitive advantage. In reality, both companies have been working on their own EV projects. BMW recently launched a number of MiniE and ActiveE test cars to get real-world data on electric powertrain usage. Daimler is currently leasing electric Smart Fortwos to customers.