If You’re A Gearhead, You Should Help In Saving The #004 Viper GTS

Dear fellow GearHeads, it seems like the Italian bean counters are taking over Chrysler and so getting rid of all possible liabilities. According to the VIN# and a pre-production model that had been never registered by the manufacturer for street use this 1992 Viper GTS is supposedly number 4. Donated south Puget Sound Community college for seven years this beauty has assisted in teaching old and young minds the strength of automotive design and love and from now on it is only a staple from the College’s automotive program and so they have now received a letter for its total destruction in two weeks time unless it could get some kind of special pardon from the state’s governor or even higher up on the political food chain. So, please spend just a minute to help sign the petition to save this true work of Americana. Here is the backlink to the online petition <-


Thanks to the author Stormy Hudson Renstrom for posting this. Now lets see if we can save it!

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