BMW Is Up With Its 2015 M3 & M4


Ah yes it can be time which we get a helping of motorsport mayhem from my brotherly Bavarian bolt turners. It seems that with emissions standards and the general need to give less money to oil companies, BMW has begun hack sawing cylinders off various M badges having vehicles and replacing the place with some twin-scroll turbochargers. With all the common goal to raise efficiency, performance whilst lowering emissions has left BMW making some impressive improvements but still people bitch.

2015 BMW M4

BMW have a bunch of cry babies anytime this makes changes. Like Porsche you can find people that call themselves purists (Arians) that believe their leader will produce only what is deemed the optimal types of vehicles whilst weeding out your rest using genocidal methods. Well so BMW caught flack for placing the V10 from the M5/M6 along with the V8 from the M3. What’s interesting would be that the M3s quickly departed showrooms once the word about the return of the 6-cylinder came to light. Now BMW is catching flak from people since they are angry the M vehicles are losing two cylinders and that the M3 is now the M4! !! How dare they replace the 3 with a 4! People are actually upset because of a fucking number change and these are the same douche bags that drive like shit and give the good BMW owners an unsatisfactory image yes.

2015 BMW M3

By showing a few stats, well apparently BMW has shut up most of the sane ones. 25% efficiency gain on the V8 is first off which ought to get you 25-26 mpg on the highway. Sure you could do that if you replace it with a four banger but they didn’t. They reduce 173lbs of chubby girlfriend weight from the previous model and thanks on the turbocharged 6-cylinder there is now even more torque compared to the previous V8. So there is a vehicle that should produce better overall lap times thanks to some tweaks, some Jimmy Craig weight-loss and performance gains and with an enormous boost in efficiency you will even be giving less to the government in environmental taxes.

2015 BMW M3 & M4 Interior

The lineage of M3 and now M4 has always held a particular place in my motor revving heart although most of the drivers have not. But with superior engineering we can have our drift cake and eat it too. As we saw on Top Gear the new V8 M5 smoked the prior generation 500hp V10 M5 in a drag race as well as the new M3 and M4 should be able to do the same as BMW stated a 3.9 sec -60 meaning that you can relax knowing that your M3&M4 will still be world class along with a hell of a lot of fun to operate a vehicle.